Marketing to Hispanics: Do Door Hangers Open the Door to Sales?

Published March 27, 2012 in Portada-online.com

They are a relatively low -tech vehicle in a high-tech data driven marketing and advertising world, yet door hanger marketing is effectively used by major advertisers targeting the Hispanic consumer.

Make no mistake: Door hanger marketing can be very targeted media. In some ways door hangers are similar to home-delivered newspapers due to their ability to target Hispanic consumers by zip-code and below zip-code level. Major companies including Valassis, Harte Hanks and Power Direct are significant door hanger marketers. So is Hispanic direct marketing specialist LatinPak.

Door hangers directed to the Hispanic population can do things a 30 second TV spot cannot. Namely target both Spanish-dominant and English-dominant Hispanics at the same time.

Liberty Tax door hanger 2Liberty Tax door hanger The two photos show a recent bilingual Hispanic campaign done by Power Direct for Liberty Tax Corporation targeting high density Hispanic neighborhoods around Liberty Tax offices across the country with a $50 Cash offer that expired on February 14th.  One side of the door hanger is in English and the flip side in Spanish. The toll free 800 number on the door hanger calls the closest Liberty Tax office from where the call is placed.  “Many markets, millions of pieces.  We provided 100% turnkey service, all print and delivery.  The door hanger measures 17 inches tall by 5-1/2 inches wide”, Shayne Walters, VP, Business Development at PowerDirect Marketing, tells Portada.

Other recent “bilingual” door hangers from Power Direct include the following brands and retailers:

  • Family Dollar Stores
  • Kleenex
  • Nestle
  • Energizer Batteries
  • HEB Stores.
  • Clorox Glad Trash Bag
  • P&G Febreze Freshness Fresh Clean Scent
  • Clorox (Glad) front-door samplingSEARS 2011 Holiday campaign
  • Bush’s Pinto Beans
  • Food4Less, Northgate Markets,  Vallarta Supermarkets and, K.V. Mart Companies

Another feature of door hangers is that they can include samples (see picture of the Glad Odor Shield (Clorox) door hanger) Scents can also play a role: Clorox Pine-Sol recently had a Garden Fresh and Lavender scent applied to each side of its bilingual door hanger.

CPG’S working with Retailers

Door hanger advertising is often the result of cooperation between retailers and CPG brands. PowerDirect’s Walters notes that these campaigns are “coordinated between the brands and their customers, the retail supermarkets.  The brands, either direct or through their Hispanic promotion agencies, are placing the media buy with us directly.” One such example is Miami based Mass Hispanic who places for Kimberly Clark. Walters adds that Power Direct implements distribution based on the direct input from the brands or their promotional agencies.  Data is an important component of any campaign: “We provide to them a detailed block group data analysis at the neighborhood level, with percentage of Hispanic population and Spanish speaking, along with category expenditure data per household per month, and maps, within a specific mileage radius around the retail supermarket location.  In some cases, the delivery is around or between a competitive retail supermarket location to the one that is featured on the door hanger, in an effort to get Hispanic consumers to change retail supermarket preference,” PowerDirect’s Walters concludes.

For example,  Kimberly-Clark Kleenex recently did a bilingual Hispanic campaign delivered around Family Dollar Stores in high density Hispanic neighborhoods in Texas including a gift card to Family Dollar stores, while Clorox Glad Trash Bag with a P&G Febreze Freshness Fresh Clean Scent sample attached to the door hanger, did a similar campaign around Miami Publix locations.

Finally, a recent Nestle campaign took place around Fiesta Mart locations in Houston, Austin, and Dallas. The brands included were Coffee-mate, Nescafe Clasico, Abuelita, and La Lechera. The promotion included  a $200.00 contest at Fiesta Mart and a perforated CPG coupon for Abuelita.

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