Expert Assessment: Making the Case for Door Hangers and Front-Door Marketing

Published April 21, 2011 in AMA's "Marketing News Exclusives"

Executive Summary

Marketing News Exclusive articleAd clutter is growing. Today’s consumer faces a daily barrage of marketing messages and brand choices delivered in an effort to reach each of us as individuals. Marketers are determined to be heard over the noise—and end up feeding the problem by buying more ad space and airtime, sending out more direct mailers, making more cold calls, and posting more tweets and Facebook updates. Perhaps not surprisingly, new channels include reinventing old methods, and applying high-tech tools and strategies and a grassroots approach to engage customers with offers and advertising hand-delivered to their front doors.

But don’t be fooled: A decidedly updated and strategic approach bypasses a crowded field of messages and motivates consumers to respond. National brands in a variety of industries are successfully executing technology-based, highly targeted front-door campaigns, reaching their most valuable customers by delivering high value to the right door.

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