Ad Agencies

Power Direct Agency Experience

Agency partners who understand the needs of a marketing campaign and contribute strategically are increasingly important, both to the agency as well as their clients, whether clients are aware of the relationship or not.

The Challenge

Budgets have been growing tighter for years. Agencies are being called upon by clients to deliver more and more services in less and less time, using fewer resources. That’s why it’s important to find partners who can add strategic value to campaigns rather than mere vendors.

Power Direct brings years of marketing experience, having helped stretch budgets and compress timelines for ad agencies of all sizes, including shops such as MARS Advertising, EMC Outdoor, Berline, VML Advertising, Moroch Agency, and Wunderman.

Why Agencies choose to partner with Power Direct:

  • Turnkey solutions that require minimal oversight
  • Thoughtful, discreet strategic ally
  • Flawless customer service
  • Detailed reporting and delivery information
  • Flexibility on timing and markets
  • Ability to profile and target using syndicated data sets
  • Front-Door Marketing extends campaigns direct to the home

Power Direct can help Agencies:

  • Extend budgets to the local level
  • Deliver measurable results
  • Expedite time to market (only 14 days from receipt of creative to distribution)
  • Negotiate pricing for annual schedules
  • Provide competitively priced alternatives to other direct response vehicles, including direct mail
  • Market various client industries, including retail, CPG, restaurants, finance and others using Front-Door Marketing