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Cause and effect is at the core of shopper marketing, and this includes both in-store and out-of-store motivations. Shoppers don’t arrive at the store aisle as blank slates; much of their motivation to buy starts at home. Whether they’re planning a party, redecorating or simply pantry-stocking, Front-Door Marketing can intercept them early along the decision path, complementing your other marketing tactics.

By leveraging The Science of Front-Door Marketing™, Power Direct has delivered measurable results for major CPG and retail clients like Clorox, PetsMart, Target, Dr. Pepper, Borden''s, Hilshire Farms, Kohl''s, and Wal-Mart.

The Challenge

With the proliferation of new marketing channels—mobile, digital, social, alongside radio, television and print—the advantage goes to marketers who take a multi-channel approach, layering messages and offering consumer value all along the path.

The earlier and more intimately a CPG marketer can reach a consumer during their consideration process, the more likely they are to succeed. Power Direct’s data-driven Front-Door Marketing programs reach targeted customers where their purchase journey most often begins: at home.

Front-Door Marketing stimulates retail visits and influences shopping behavior more effectively than other methods—bypassing the clutter of direct mail and the white noise of other marketing channels. It spurs trial and purchase, while increasing awareness and loyalty. And it provides brands with exceptional opportunities to:

  • Reach a precisely-defined audience in their homes, early in the decision process
  • Allow brands to deliver customized tie-ins with specific retailers in specific markets
  • Capitalize on consumers’ responsiveness to competitive offers
  • Expedite execution (as little as two weeks from start to delivery)

Front-Door Marketing can help CPG Companies:

  • Reach new users
  • Hold current users
  • Load current users
  • Increase product usage
  • Trade consumers up
  • Reinforce brand advertising
  • Introduce new products

With your trade/retail partners, you can:

  • Gain new distribution—like incremental shelf space for current products and listings for new products
  • Secure retailer support for manufacturers’ brands such as feature pricing, retailers’ in-ad support, off-shelf display activity in-store
  • Build (or reducing) trade inventories
  • Improve trade relations between marketers and retailers

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