Delivery Verification

The most compelling creative message in the world loses its value if it doesn’t reach its intended audience. That's why Power Direct has developed innovative tools to keep you up to date on the delivery process as it happens, so you can be assured your message reaches the right door, every time.


PowerTrakker™ is a custom browser-based application that tracks and manages all aspects of Power Direct's delivery operations. The system resides in a virtualized, redundant environment to provide highly tailored views into operational data to meet the needs of all key stakeholders in the delivery process, both internal and external.

The system is integrated with PowerAnalytics™, so that as soon as a new job is approved, the data for that job is available to key parties in the delivery process, including distribution management, audit management, distributors, auditors, GPS analysis and clients.

In addition to our own proprietary targeting and tracking tools, we also incorporate multiple levels of verification:


All campaigns are monitored via real-time GPS tracking devices down to the household level with proprietary in field software to manage and track distribution.  Proof of delivery via GPS computerized maps, job logs, digital photos, and detailed field reports are available.

Quality Watch

A team of distribution managers, supervisors, and auditors manages crews, develops plans, writes daily reports and verifies all jobs. All campaigns include on-site field verification, from start to finish.

Independent Audits

In-field auditors guarantee delivery by tracking and confirming all jobs. Power Direct uses direct staff auditors as well as independent auditors, all trained in the Power Direct method of auditing. Reports are submitted twice daily to ensure accurate and reliable delivery. Power Direct also provides optional telephone-verification surveys for an additional charge.

Delivery Crew Tracking

Power Direct uses delivery crew tracking to geographically pinpoint the exact location of your front-door media delivery. This breakthrough monitoring system not only raises industry standards, but also ensures reliable distribution. Delivery walkers equipped with wireless handheld real-time GPS devices route their delivery for the most efficient path, track their steps and geo-tag homes as client materials are distributed. Walkers click their device at each door in addition to a bread crumb trail of where they have been.