Home Repair Services

The best way for Home Service Providers to reach homeowners!

Homeowners see the need for home improvements when they’re in their homes. There’s no better way for home repair services providers to reach potential customers than to communicate directly with them where they live, where purchasing decisions are made.

Power Direct creates highly effective advertising campaigns by utilizing targeting analytics to deliver your message to those homeowners most likely to respond to your message. We tailor our Front-Door Marketing programs to meet the needs of home remodelers and other household service companies that want to reach a targeted demographic and increase sales.

The Challenge

Marketing in the home repair industry means getting customers to respond and create opportunities to sell these customers on your service. Because these types of services are provided in or for the home—a very personal setting—customers need confidence in the service provider to not only professionally recommend the right service, but to also correctly fix the problem. In an industry that relies on customer feedback, testimonials, and referrals, finding the right customers and providing a great experience are key to sales growth.

Front-Door Marketing can help Home Repair Service Providers:

  • Drive requests for no-obligation home improvement quotes
  • Increase service
  • Build sales during peak seasons including spring cleaning
  • Communicate special or limited time offers, such as home makeovers
  • Offer neighborhood referral programs
  • Bring awareness to new service offerings
  • Drive traffic to corporate or franchise locations