Power Direct's Insurance Expertise

Insurance is a highly personal product. Prospective policyholders are seeking safety, security, and peace of mind. Everyone needs it, but they rarely pause to think about it until that need arises.

Front-Door Media is a proven lead-generation solution that reaches your prospects in a more personal way. Power Direct has successfully applied the Science of Front-Door Marketing to generate sales for marquee names such as Anthem, Blue Cross, Allstate, and Nationwide.

The Challenge

Consumers are pressed for time. Insurance is a topic that requires extended concentration and careful consideration before making a purchase decision. Insurance companies must capture consumers’ attention by reaching them at a time and place when they’re most likely to give insurance the time and serious consideration it deserves: at home.

Front-Door Marketing can help Insurance Companies:

  • Promote brand awareness and loyalty
  • Increase response and conversion
  • Deliver relevant messages and offers
  • Identify and acquire high lifetime value customers
  • Target prospects with high persistency (renewal rate)

Front-door media provides the precision necessary to reach qualified prospects. Consumers are more likely to devote time and attention to a compelling offer when it’s received at home, where they can make plans and reach decisions with fewer interruptions.

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