To Get People to Sample Your Product, Bring It Home with Sampling

Purchase decisions are actually made in the home more often than in a store. That means there’s no better way to influence behavior and stimulate trial than by reaching consumers where they make those decisions. Put your sample directly in the hands of consumers with Sampling from Power Direct Marketing.

Sampling provides everything you need for a successful trial-generation program, from front-end modeling and segmentation to post-campaign analysis.

As the economy rebounds, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are again rolling out new products to retail partners, including grocery, mass merchandiser and drug chains. A traditional tactic, product sampling is back in vogue, generating new trial among consumers.

Shopper marketing is another key trend in the consumer-goods industry—the integration of a manufacturer’s brand message along with a retailer’s message in a local market. Power Direct Marketing has created a new opportunity to distribute both product samples and retailer-specific coupons in local retailer trading areas.

Shopper marketing programs enable the CPG companies to build better relationships with their retailers, as well as gain incremental support in-store (such as additional displays, shelf space, and feature prices) for their brands. The Sampling program consists of delivering product samples to front doors in an attractive custom package that protects the sample, while delivering a branded retail marketing message. Targeted households receive a high-quality sample, along with product information and coupons to drive trial. Power Direct's targeting capabilities make sampling programs efficient and effective. 

Fully verified

Quality is assured through GPS walker-tracking, plus multiple levels of verification (including on-site supervisors), Power Direct Marketing staff managers, independent auditors and optional phone verification. The program is designed around your needs and can include bag design, overwrapping, sample/coupon insertion, marketing material design, printing and co-packaging.