Power Direct's Restaurant Expertise

Diners tend to be creatures of habit, simply because it’s familiar and comfortable. Convincing them to try something new requires timing, persuasion and perfect presentation. Then the trick is to keep them coming back for more—on a frequent basis.

For many years, Power Direct has helped QSR, fast casual, family and casual dining restaurants brands keep the tables filled, including McDonald's, Wendy's, and Denny's.

The Challenge

When promoting a new location or a new menu item, getting consumers to step outside of their comfort zone and try something different can be a struggle. Whether it’s based on a fear of the unknown or the safety of the routine isn’t the question—it’s how to overcome it.

Restaurants need to build loyalty among their customers, but they also want to encourage a willingness to expand their palate as well as their check size. Power Direct applies The Science of Front-Door Marketing™ to reach those prospects with a propensity to dine out, then craft appetizing messages that convince them to make the trip and take advantage of the offer. Again and again.

Front-Door Marketing can help Restaurants:

  • Increase visit frequency
  • Increase transaction size
  • Introduce new stores, products or promos.
  • Promote offers such as combo meals
  • Promote trial of new menu items,
  • Promote different day-parts
  • Boost visit frequency, party size or average check

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