Retail Banking

Power Direct's Retail Banking Expertise

What’s the best method of attracting new clients while cross-selling to current customers? It’s a question every business faces, and banks and financial institutions are no different. Mass media offers a wide reach, but is often wasted on unqualified prospects. And despite ubiquitous multi-media campaigns, consumers have become adept at tuning out competing messages. Even existing customers may not be aware of the variety of products and services your institution offers.

The Challenge

Products such as annuities, IRAs and mutual funds are not a quick sell. As consumer attention spans grow shorter, banks need to find media vehicles that can stand out. Home is the place where consumers are most relaxed and likely to give serious consideration to detailed financial messages, including mortgages, CDs, car loans and the like. Power Direct applies The Science of Front-Door Marketing™ to put your message directly into the hands of the most qualified prospects in the ideal environment where they can take the time to review your message and act on it.

Front-Door Marketing can help Retail Banks:

  • Add new checking and savings accounts
  • Cross-sell financial products
  • Acquire credit card customers
  • Promote investment products

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