Power Direct's Telecommunications Expertise

Television has long been the traditional medium for telecommunications and cable companies to reach new customers. But aside from the cost, the scattergun approach to marketing tends to get literally muted in the clutter.

Front-Door Marketing can reach consumers at home with greater precision and less interruption, targeting prospects that are more likely to respond and purchase based on lifestyle and behavior.

By leveraging The Science of Front-Door Marketing™, Power Direct has delivered results for major telecommunication and cable companies such as Cox Cable, Verizon Wireless, Comcast, Time Warner and others.

The Challenge

Churn is a constant challenge for telecommunications companies as consumers are always looking for a better deal. A multi-channel communications campaign offers a greater chance of reaching prospects in the medium they prefer, making the message more relevant to what customers want to hear. At the same time, targeted Front-Door Media tactics allow telecommunications companies to conserve resources by not wasting marketing dollars on low-value customers.

Front-Door Marketing can help:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Promote bundled services
  • Retain subscribers
  • Proactively make offers
  • Reduce acquisition costs
  • Increase retention, cross-sales and up-sales
  • Increase referral and reactivation
  • Increase Average Revenue per User
  • Decrease Cash Cost per User

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