Front-Door Media Delivers Higher ROI for Bright Now Dental

Overview: For dental businesses, where services are charged at a premium amount, finding new customers is a key focus. Based on their high value over a lifetime, retaining current customers while acquiring new customers are primary marketing goals. In order to help achieve the client's customer acquisition goals, PowerDirect  developed a program promoting an offer to drive traffic to office locations.
The result? A program ROI of 30%.

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Bilingual Front-Door Media Increases Trial for Product Launch

Overview: A major fast food chain that was launching a new line of morning beverages wanted to stimulate trial across regional locations. The chain’s agency of record approached PowerDirect to implement the program on a regional basis while keeping their national marketing message intact. The result? Many local operators of the fast food chain reported double-digit coupon redemption rates.

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Front-Door Media Builds Awareness of Cable Provider While Extending Reach

Overview: Find out how PowerDirect helped a leading cable service provide create awareness of their new fiber optic network.

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