Are you maximizing this powerful point of impact?

With Power Direct Marketing, you can be sure your message is driving engagement – because you’re putting relevant, distinctive, and dynamically-designed advertising, product samples or promotions directly at your customer’s front door.  You’re bypassing the clutter they’ve learned to ignore -- and by putting the right message directly in their hands, you’ll trigger measurable response.  door hangers  doorhangers

We call it The Science of Front-Door Marketing™, and in the hands of Power Direct Marketing, you’re placing a powerfully persuasive personal media vehicle to use.  There’s nothing as valuable or intimate as a right message in a customer’s hands; most other media channels can’t compare to the tangible opportunity Front-Door Marketing delivers.  door hangers  doorhangers

Whether you’re trying to reach a national, regional, or local target audience, Power Direct Marketing offers you an accurate and accountable competitive advantage.  You’ll open the exact consumer doors you want – measurably, efficiently and scientifically. door hangers  doorhangers door hangers  doorhangers

Front-Door Marketing is a perfect complement.

Other marketing channels can be limited in effective scope.  But the flexibility of Front-Door Marketing allows you to complement those efforts, extending your marketing strategy right into consumers’ homes, which helps in…  door hangers  doorhangers

•    Retaining customers
•    Improving competitive position
•    Increasing sales
•    Increasing customer loyalty
•    Building awareness and branding   door hangers  doorhangers
•    Enhancing customer experience
•    Driving customer acquisition
•    Launching new products
•    Promoting trial  door hangers  doorhangers