Several members of our staff have been with Power Direct Marketing since 2003 and have made it what it is today. We have a very dedicated team with over 135 years of combined experience with a focus on demographic data analytics, mapping and front door marketing.


Ann Marie Griffith, Chief Operating Officer & Partner

Ann Marie Griffith has over 25 years of operations and finance experience and was an original member of the Power Direct Marketing team in 2003 with Ed Dryden before leaving in 2009 to pursue other ventures.  She returned to Power Direct in the role of Partner and Chief Operations Officer in 2014 to manage all aspects operations and finance.  Ann Marie’s experience is diverse and includes marketing, advertising, television production, manufacturing, strategic planning and operations.  She has been in executive leadership roles for multiple companies for more than 15 years including HBO, True Designs/True Innovations and Sentinel Offender Monitoring


Ed Dryden, VP of Business Development, Co-Founder & Partner

Ed Dryden has over 17 years of business development experience, including building Power Direct Marketing’s client base from the ground up, since 2003. Though Ed’s focus is primarily in business development, he also has a background in finance and data analytics. This has allowed him to be a valued contributor not only in sales, but also in day to day operations.  Ed’s experience is diverse and includes sales, marketing, advertising and demographic profiling.

Scott Grier, VP of Business Development & Partner

Scott Grier has been with Power Direct for 11 years; in the direct marketing field for over 23 years.  Scott has gained vast knowledge in business development, direct marketing, new media marketing and relationship building.  This has lead Scott to be a key player in growing Power Direct as the leader in Front Door Marketing.  Scott primary objective moving forward is to continue leading Power Direct as being the leader in Front Door marketing and services client at high level.

Tom Ling, Partner

Tom Ling has over 30 years of business development experience, including diverse sets of startup businesses which have flourished into continuing operations. From back office ventures to over dozens of acquisitions, Tom has gained a broad base of knowledge in areas of business development, brand development, direct marketing and new media marketing. This has taught him to gain a high aptitude for business strategy. With his expertise residing in operations and business law, Tom’s primary objective is to oversee business relationships that are key to keeping our products “best in class”. His core mission is to ensure high integrity and satisfaction from all our customers.

Abraham Orozco, VP of Distribution & Auditing

Abraham Orozco has been with Power Direct Marketing, since 2006, and has over 10 years of management experience with us.  Abraham has served in different capacities, during his tenure with the company.  He started initially as an Auditor, before managing distribution teams of his own. In 2014, Abraham was promoted to VP of Auditing and Distribution and has been instrumental in both developing and cultivating relationships with our distribution partners over the years. Abraham has also been integral in shaping our auditing strategy to ensure the best possible outcome on all of our campaigns. He strives to make Power Direct the leader in Front Door Marketing. 

Thomas Caragan, Director of Data Analytics

Thomas has been with Power Direct Marketing since 2007.  His experience has given him the capability to look at all angles of the business from production, sales and operations and works closely with sales, print and distribution.  Thomas has developed new and innovative ways of targeting consumers using demographic data, consumer behavior, and spending habits that has been effective for Power Direct and our clients.  In addition to generating recommendations and reports for the Business Development team, he has played a key role in developing our mapping system that enables the Data Department to generate maps at a very detailed and high efficiency rate.  Thomas and his team create street level maps based on the recommended reports that are utilized by the Distribution and GPS teams.  Thomas continues to strive in his role in order to develop targeting strategies that benefit client marketing campaigns.

Melissa Ullmann, Account Manager

Melissa has been with Power Direct Marketing since 2010 as the Lead Account Manager.  She is in constant contact with our clients, Account Executives and the internal Operations team to ensure that all projects are executed as designed.  Melissa is involved in the day to day client communications, logistics pre/post production, distribution to scheduling and with all internal departments. She is a key team member trafficking programs from inception through invoicing. In 2015 Melissa also took on the role as Print Production Manager where she manages relationships with our print facilities, details regarding current and upcoming projects and shipping logistics. 

Laura Margulieux, Auditing Manager

Laura has been with Power Direct Marketing since 2007 when she was hired to work in our initial GPS and Auditing division when launched.  She has helped to develop the GPS infrastructure over the years and has worked hand in hand with both Auditing and Distribution since her first day here.  In 2007, Laura managed the field teams where Power Direct was contracted to visually confirm and plot on maps the location of all homes in the Denver, CO area with satellite dishes and what kind for a satellite dish provider.  Last year Laura was promoted to the role of Auditing Manager to work hand in hand with our 27 Auditors in the field.  In this role, Laura works closely with every Auditor to ensure that the Power Direct standards are being met in the field and the clients’ product is being delivered as expected.

Nadia Ensastegui, Distribution Manager

Nadia brings years of experience in project management and team leadership to her position at Power Direct. Her primary responsibility is overseeing the distribution activities which includes, but is not limited to, distribution strategy, distribution communication, and ensuring distributor engagement. She verifies all distribution deliveries run smoothly, including conveying standard operating procedures to ensure our clients’ distribution expectations are being met.  Previous to her time with Power Direct, Nadia held a position with specific responsibility for tradeshow and event management. Nadia has knowledge of developing and maintaining strong relationships and foster collaboration with sales, marketing and other functional partners.

Myriam Bulz - Accounting Manager

Myriam started at PowerDirect in 2005 as a Marketing Assistant and has worked her way up to her current position as an Accounting Manager. Myriam has a business background and has been involved in all the departments within  Power Direct giving her a wide array of Front Door Marketing expertise.


Anthony Nguyen, GPS Lead

Anthony has five years of GIS experience ranging from database management to GPS data collection and analysis. In his time with Power Direct, his ambition and leadership helped him implement and oversee Power Direct’s proprietary real-time tracking system, iVerify, which led to his promotion as GPS Manager. iVerify facilitates the maintenance of distribution quality our clients expect from us through GPS monitoring of all in-field personnel. Anthony developed a systemization in which not only the GPS department is monitoring distribution, but auditors and distribution teams use iVerify to monitor and manage their crews as well. This leads to a synergistic interdepartmental relationship with GPS to Auditing and Distribution to prevent and immediately address any incidents during distribution. Anthony expects to keep Power Direct in the forefront of Front-Door Marketing by disrupting how agencies verify and sustain quality distribution while at the helm of the GPS department.